Hearing that Screeching, or grinding sound coming from your vehicle? That is usually a noise associated with your vehicle’s breaking system. It is a common indicator that your vehicle’s breaking system requires an inspection. At Expert Motors, we inspect and service domestic and imported vehicle’s breaking system, and we know the importance of a property working breaking system.

Brake Service Price
Front Break Disk Pads only $90
Rear Break Disk Pads only $80
Front and Rear Break Pads only $160
Rear Drum Brake Service  from $40*


All of our Brakes Services includes the replacement pads (OE style replacement), check brake disc rotor condition, clean and lubricate brake calipers and slide mechanisms,  check and fill brake fluid,  bleed air from system, at no additional fee.

*Price does not include brake shoes. Call us for details.

Other Brake Services
Replace Rotors and Drums
Replace Brake Calipers
Replace Brake Master Cylinder
Drum Brake Conversion